2021 Quarkus Fundamentals - Guide to Get Started in 1 Hour

Get Started With Quarkus Using this Quickstart Guide - Create 3 Quarkus apps in 1 hour!

  • Maaike van Putten
  • 4.33
  • (44 reviews)
  • 1 hour hrs
  • 34 lectures
  • Udemy
2021 Quarkus Fundamentals - Guide to Get Started in 1 Hour

What you will learn?

  • Working with Quarkus
  • Reactive Programming with Quarkus
  • Writing an API with Quarkus
  • Basic Concepts of EE

Your trainer

Maaike van Putten

I'm Maaike from Bright Boost. I am a professional software developer and IT trainer. I have worked with several languages: Java, .NET, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, COBOL and some others.

I am very passionate about software and teaching IT to non-IT professionals. I have helped hundreds of non-IT professionals to understand IT and boost their careers/business since 2015.

34 lessons

Easy to follow lectures and videos covering subject details.

1 hour hours

This course includes hours of video material. Watch on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Certificate of Completion

You will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course.

Course curriculum

  • Introduction01:21
  • The olden days01:36
  • What is EE?01:17
  • EE layers05:32
  • Beans01:46
  • Dependency injection01:50
  • Scalability02:21
  • Quarkus compared to other EE solutions02:22
  • MacOS: Install Java SDK00:14
  • Windows: Install Java SDK03:22
  • MacOS: Install Maven00:24
  • Windows: Install Maven00:09
  • MacOS: Install IDE00:13
  • Windows: Install IDE03:58
  • Intro: What we'll be making in this section00:18
  • Create your first project02:13
  • Explore first project01:32
  • Run our first project01:25
  • Tests for the Hello World App01:47
  • Packaging and Running Hello World01:11
  • Intro: What are we going to build this section?00:24
  • Reactive Explained00:48
  • Mutiny: Library for Reactive Programming00:39
  • Create the Reactive Project02:49
  • Reactive JAX-RS05:09
  • Working with Streams05:08
  • Let's Review our Project00:55
  • Intro to REST APIs with Quarkus01:52
  • Bootstrap our API01:31
  • The REST API Entity02:09
  • The REST API DAO05:37
  • The REST API Resource07:53
  • Database Configuration01:49
  • Let's Run our Project!03:17
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