Quarkus Backend development with Java and GraalVM

Learn how to build native backend applications with Quarkus.

  • Dmytro Chaban
  • 4.37
  • (665 reviews)
  • 16.5 hrs
  • 72 lectures
  • Udemy
Quarkus Backend development with Java and GraalVM

What you will learn?

  • Use Quarkus framework for backend development
  • REST API with Quarkus
  • Hibernate, JPA, Websockets with Quarkus
  • Documentation of endpoints with Quarkus
  • Reactive approach
  • Swagger, Open API and documentation made easy with Quarkus
  • RDBMS, NO-SQL with Quarkus
  • Messaging with Quarkus
  • Backend Security with Quarkus
  • Cloud, Kubernetes, Native images with Quarkus
  • Using Kotlin with Quarkus

Your trainer

Dmytro Chaban

Started as Mobile developer and gradually transformed into Backend and Artificial Intelligence/Neural Network engineer. Currently developing own company that spreads AI to the massess.

In spare time developing application and courses targeted for juniors and middle engineers. If there's something that should be done more than twice be sure I'll automate it.

72 lessons

Easy to follow lectures and videos covering subject details.

16.5 hours

This course includes hours of video material. Watch on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Certificate of Completion

You will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course.

Course curriculum

  • Introduction01:41
  • How to watch this course?01:02
  • What if something wrong?00:55
  • Github repositories00:08
  • Linux local environment setup07:53
  • Windows local environment setup10:34
  • Bootstrapping an application25:23
  • Creating a JAX-RS endpoint23:09
  • Creating a JAX-RS endpoint 2 - Books17:26
  • Injecting beans11:02
  • Functional tests21:18
  • Packaging of the application02:24
  • Use Kotlin with Quarkus09:54
  • Configuring Your Application35:54
  • Custom configuration converters10:00
  • Application Initialization and Termination04:50
  • Testing Your Application20:11
  • Configuring Logging12:57
  • Writing REST JSON Services19:30
  • Validation with Hibernate Validator08:48
  • Using the REST Client20:48
  • Loading files in Quarkus. Using the REST Client with multipart11:08
  • Using WebSockets20:01
  • Using OpenAPI and Swagger UI17:15
  • Setting up Http in Quarkus08:22
  • HTTPS, Letsencrypt, Quarkus27:12
  • How to handle CORS - Cross-Origin Resource Sharing18:37
  • Using Fault Tolerance21:01
  • Using Reactive Routes12:35
  • Build tools, Maven and Gradle00:51
  • Building and inspecting project with Maven15:37
  • Building Native image with Maven29:34
  • Building and inspecting project with Gradle17:27
  • Building Native images with Gradle11:28
  • Configuring your datasources18:48
  • Using Hibernate ORM and JPA20:31
  • Simplified Hibernate ORM with Panache19:47
  • Hibernate Search + Elasticsearch30:18
  • Using Infinispan Client21:36
  • Using Transactions10:16
  • How to use Cache in your application18:26
  • Schema Migration with Flyway12:24
  • Schema Migration with Liquibase11:14
  • Reactive SQL Clients16:45
  • MongoDB Client11:43
  • MongoDB with Panache09:07
  • Neo4j Client15:48
  • Amazon DynamoDB22:30
  • Using Apache Kafka27:02
  • Using AMQP with Reactive Messaging12:07
  • Asynchronous Message Passing12:16
  • Using JMS with Artemis11:20
  • Using OpenID Connect to Protect JAX-RS Applications15:28
  • Using Keycloak to centralize your authorizations14:38
  • Using Security06:29
  • Using JWT RBAC19:03
  • Using Security with JDBC Realm06:18
  • Using Security with JPA15:41
  • Security with Properties09:37
  • Generating Kubernetes Resources09:05
  • Deploying Native Applications on Kubernetes10:28
  • Deploying Quarkus on Google Cloud Platform GKE16:29
  • Deploying Native Applications on Knative Kubernetes10:42
  • Using the Kubernetes Client to Interact with a Kubernetes Cluster05:04
  • Azure Functions (Serverless) with Vert.x Web, Servlet, or Resteasy08:30
  • AWS Lambda06:20
  • Using Health Check16:55
  • Using OpenTracing07:47
  • Sentry06:04
  • Collecting Metrics12:44
  • GELF10:30
  • Thank you00:57
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