Microservices - also known as the microservice architecture - is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are: highly maintainable and testable, loosely coupled, independently deployable, organized around business capabilities, and owned by a small team.

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Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • in28Minutes Official
  • 4.55
  • 22 hrs
  • 260 lectures

Java Spring Boot Microservices 5-in-1 - Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes and REST API (REST Web Services) Learn more »

Microservices with Node JS and React
Microservices with Node JS and React
  • Stephen Grider
  • 4.77
  • 54 hrs
  • 662 lectures

Build, deploy, and scale an E-Commerce app using Microservices built with Node, React, Docker and Kubernetes Learn more »

Microservices with Spring Cloud
Microservices with Spring Cloud
  • Ken Krueger
  • 4.57
  • 4.5 hrs
  • 30 lectures

A deep-dive into the Microservice architectural style, and how to implement it with Spring technologies. Learn more »

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Monolith to Microservices

by Sam Newman4.3

With many illustrative examples, insightful migration patterns, and a bevy of practical advice to transition your monolith enterprise into a microservice operation, this practical guide covers multiple scenarios and strategies for a successful migration, from initial planning all the way through application and database decomposition. You’ll learn several tried and tested patterns and techniques that you can use as you migrate your existing architecture.

Building Microservices

by Sam Newman4.18

Author Sam Newman provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts while diving into current solutions for modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your own autonomous services. You’ll follow a fictional company throughout the book to learn how building a microservice architecture affects a single domain. Discover how microservices allow you to align your system design with your organization’s goals.

Microservices Patterns

by Chris Richardson4.02

The book teaches you how to develop and deploy production-quality microservices-based applications. This invaluable set of design patterns builds on decades of distributed system experience, adding new patterns for writing services and composing them into systems that scale and perform reliably under real-world conditions.

Production-Ready Microservices

by Susan J. Fowler3.75

In this practical book, author Susan Fowler presents a set of microservice standards in depth, drawing from her experience standardizing over a thousand microservices at Uber. You'll learn how to design microservices that are stable, reliable, scalable, fault tolerant, performant, monitored, documented, and prepared for any catastrophe.

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