Master Laravel PHP with basic to advanced project:Job portal

Laravel recruitment app. Follow this course in Laravel 7 or 8 version. We will make awesome job portal web application

  • Ranjeet Karki
  • 4.75
  • (325 reviews)
  • 22.5 hrs
  • 172 lectures
  • Udemy
Master Laravel PHP with basic to advanced project:Job portal

What you will learn?

  • The basic of Laravel such as installation, routing, template, controller, model, migration,seeder etc
  • You will learn Relationships in Laravel.
  • You will make your first crud app with Laravel
  • You will make Restful Api
  • You will make Gallery app with Laravel and Jquery
  • You will make a job portal app with Laravel and we will use Vue js for better user experience
  • You will learn blade template in Laravel
  • You will learn Collections in Laravel
  • You will learn Helpers in Laravel
  • You will make your own job portal app. You can start your own jobportal company with this app.

Your trainer

Ranjeet Karki

Ranjeet is a computer engineer with many years of experience. He mainly works on web application development with Laravel/PHP and Django/Python. He also has excellent knowledge in Frontend frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, and Vue.js. He loves sharing knowledge about web development which he learned in his life as a programmer.

172 lessons

Easy to follow lectures and videos covering subject details.

22.5 hours

This course includes hours of video material. Watch on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Certificate of Completion

You will earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course.

Course curriculum

  • Demo of the project14:29
  • How to follow this course in laravel 805:16
  • install laravel 804:41
  • Installing xampp, ide, composer and Laravel06:23
  • Version update information00:13
  • source code download and Laravel version information01:28
  • Database setup and migration05:43
  • Routing05:55
  • Introduction to Form and Input10:39
  • passing data to view04:21
  • Route model binding05:41
  • pagination03:38
  • Introduction to Migration and Seeder06:30
  • Add column to existing table03:33
  • Eloquent: create,update,find ,delete record17:58
  • Eloquent :Fetch record-Difference between all() and get()04:50
  • Blade:Conditional Statements11:35
  • Basic Layout12:24
  • String Helper09:34
  • URL Helper10:09
  • Arrays & Objects06:12
  • sum(),min(),max() and avg()05:55
  • Chunk() and Collapse()03:59
  • Pluck()04:25
  • Contains()03:29
  • take() method01:25
  • filter() method05:11
  • One to one relationship part 107:34
  • One to one relationship part 203:08
  • One to many relationship06:19
  • One to many inverse relationship04:13
  • Many to many relationship - store data in pivot table07:32
  • Many to many relationship - fetch data04:18
  • Polymorphic relationship(one to many)16:15
  • crud app part 116:18
  • crud app part 206:49
  • crud app part 316:38
  • crud app part 404:41
  • crud app part 5-09:11
  • Rest API setup05:29
  • Rest API store record06:56
  • Rest API fetch record03:53
  • Rest API update record05:08
  • Rest API delete record05:19
  • Rest API Validation08:31
  • Update00:29
  • Make a models and migrations05:46
  • Store Single image to storage14:29
  • Store multiple images to storage08:00
  • Using jquery to create multiple file field13:10
  • Upload multiple image with Jquery12:40
  • Validation10:26
  • Album design09:11
  • get dynamic album name from database06:09
  • get all images belongs to album08:12
  • Delete Image06:42
  • Delete confirmation with bootstrap modal06:04
  • Delete image from folder02:32
  • Add more images to album10:24
  • Reduce code02:15
  • Change Album Image13:05
  • Little changes04:24
  • Admin seeder04:24
  • auth middleware01:34
  • Middleware to protect routes13:08
  • Hide links03:46
  • Image Resize and Project code06:42
  • Install laravel 804:41
  • Install fresh Laravel to begin project01:51
  • Folder structure and make migration files08:50
  • Migration files continue11:11
  • update00:16
  • make seeder file for users,jobs and companies table13:31
  • job listing page desgin07:57
  • list jobs from database09:02
  • job details page and company info18:41
  • make a category seeder04:55
  • company page design part106:04
  • company page design part207:43
  • company page design part3 and fetch jobs posted by company04:00
  • Job Seeker registration system13:06
  • Job Seeker registration adding missing values02:55
  • Job Seeker profile system design12:44
  • Job Seeker profile update13:21
  • Job Seeker Resume and Cover letter functionality10:33
  • Display job seeker Resume and Cover letter link04:43
  • Job Seeker Profile picture update feature09:11
  • Add phone number and validate profile data19:43
  • employer registration12:49
  • company profile design09:42
  • company information update12:57
  • update company cover image16:00
  • company logo update06:29
  • Job creation form12:59
  • employer can post a job16:14
  • Job form validation11:48
  • get employer jobs06:36
  • edit job part117:23
  • update job part205:42
  • Add jquery date picker07:27
  • Make two middleware05:18
  • Protect routes with middleware09:15
  • Applying for a job11:12
  • employer can view applicants14:45
  • cover photo and logo error correction07:02
  • seeding database and working on featured company07:25
  • company listing continue06:16
  • filter job part 108:26
  • job filter design05:32
  • update00:09
  • filter job part 214:42
  • Test email verification mailtrap11:25
  • Sent email to user email address06:14
  • Install node js and npm02:13
  • Apply for job with vue js09:23
  • Save unsave jobs with vue js part 110:43
  • save unsave jobs with vue js part 211:53
  • Seeker saved jobs09:50
  • Autocomplete search with vue js part 108:51
  • Autocomplete search with vue js part 209:23
  • Source Code Download and Conclusion02:48
  • integrate template part111:23
  • split pages10:38
  • Make main template06:40
  • seeker registration redesign07:16
  • employer registration redesign08:15
  • login page redesign10:47
  • design job show page03:08
  • add some column to existing jobs table09:37
  • add field in the form03:26
  • make migration and seed job04:49
  • job section page update07:42
  • job details09:52
  • company page05:02
  • All jobs page02:54
  • Category in front page05:06
  • Count categories and display count03:26
  • filter job based on category09:44
  • list all the companies10:06
  • front page search09:43
  • fixing menu and design06:15
  • mail job link in someone mailbox form design07:16
  • mail job link in someone mailbox code part18:19
  • mail job link in someone mailbox - handling error06:41
  • Job recommendation part121:51
  • Job recommendation part210:26
  • Job recommendation part305:45
  • admin system part103:10
  • admin system part206:31
  • admin system part308:28
  • Blog post part107:41
  • blog post part206:39
  • blog system part303:55
  • blog system part416:03
  • blog system part509:10
  • blog post part606:17
  • blog post part706:17
  • blog system part810:06
  • blog system part906:39
  • blog system part1004:44
  • blog system part1103:40
  • blog system part 1205:02
  • blog system part 1306:10
  • Testimonial part103:10
  • Testimonial part208:40
  • Testimonial part305:25
  • Testimonial part409:44
  • Jobs fetch on Admin section15:09
  • source code and conclusion00:59
  • Upgrade Laravel 5.8 to Laravel 605:14
  • Install node js01:50
  • Laravel 6-7-8 scaffolding05:39
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