Java Interview Guide : 200+ Interview Questions and Answers

Get Ready for your Java Interview with 200+ Java Interview Questions for Beginners

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Java Interview Guide : 200+ Interview Questions and Answers

What you will learn?

  • You will understand what kind of questions are asked in Beginner Java Interviews
  • You will be able to Answer questions on Java Platform, Wrapper Classes and Strings
  • You will be able to quickly revise all Your Java Concepts with Awesome Examples
  • You will Understand New Features in Java 5, Java 6, Java 7 and Java 8
  • You will Understand Basic and Advanced Object Oriented Concepts
  • You will be able to Answer Questions on Collections, Generics and MultiThreading
  • You will Understand Exception Handling Best Practices
  • You will Understand basics of Functional Programming - Lambda Expressions and Streams

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55 lessons

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6 hours

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Course curriculum

  • Introduction01:32
  • Three Things You need to Know01:14
  • Congratulations00:41
  • Course Overview02:31
  • Java Popularity and Platform Independence05:07
  • Compare JDK vs JVM vs JRE04:05
  • Differences between C++ and Java02:07
  • Java Classloaders02:42
  • Wrapper Classes11:01
  • String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder09:46
  • Object Basics - Class, Object, State and Behavior06:35
  • toString method03:27
  • equals and hashCode methods10:33
  • Inheritance, Method overloading and Method overriding11:21
  • Interface08:26
  • Abstract Class09:59
  • Constructors - this() and super()07:25
  • Do not forget to do Exercises01:43
  • Polymorphism and instanceof08:34
  • What is Coupling?05:23
  • What is Cohesion?05:00
  • What is Encapsulation?04:39
  • Inner Class and Static Inner Class05:47
  • What is an anonymous class?02:50
  • Access Modifiers - public, private, protected and default09:55
  • Final method, variable and class03:42
  • Static variables and methods07:01
  • Simple Puzzles on conditions and loops08:09
  • Exception Handling - try, catch and finally09:10
  • Checked and Unchecked Exceptions05:48
  • Throwing an Exception05:43
  • Creating Custom Exceptions11:19
  • Arrays05:38
  • Enum05:08
  • Variable Arguments03:49
  • Asserts and Garbage Collection05:24
  • Static and Member Initializers04:19
  • Serialization06:58
  • Collection Interface Hierarchy05:40
  • Collection & List Interface methods and classes - ArrayList, Vector & LinkedList07:32
  • Set interfaces and implementations - HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet06:00
  • Map interfaces and implementations - HashMap, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap04:14
  • Queue interfaces and implementations - Deque and BlockingQueue06:36
  • Collection Code Examples13:18
  • Concurrent Collections - CopyOnWriteArrayList07:01
  • CompareAndSwap, Locks and AtomicOperations10:41
  • Generics05:23
  • MultiThreading - Need for Threads and Creating Threads08:20
  • Thread states, priority, ExecutorService and Callable07:03
  • Synchronization of Threads. join, wait, notify and notifyAll methods09:17
  • Functional Programming Examples - Streams and Lambda Expressions08:34
  • Functional Programming Questions and Answers18:57
  • Java New Features - Java 5, 6, 7 and 807:48
  • Bonus Lecture00:18
  • Conclusion01:34
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