Akka is a free and open-source toolkit and runtime simplifying the construction of concurrent and distributed applications on the JVM. Akka supports multiple programming models for concurrency, but it emphasizes actor-based concurrency, with inspiration drawn from Erlang.

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Akka Essentials with Scala | Rock the JVM
Akka Essentials with Scala | Rock the JVM
  • Daniel Ciocîrlan
  • 4.75
  • 13 hrs
  • 36 lectures

Learn the Akka actor model with Scala and write parallel, concurrent and fault-tolerant systems Learn more »

Akka Streams with Scala | Rock the JVM
Akka Streams with Scala | Rock the JVM
  • Daniel Ciocîrlan
  • 4.86
  • 8.5 hrs
  • 25 lectures

A must-have for Scala & Akka developers: write large-scale, reactive distributed systems with Akka Streams Learn more »

Akka HTTP with Scala | Rock the JVM
Akka HTTP with Scala | Rock the JVM
  • Daniel Ciocîrlan
  • 4.84
  • 10 hrs
  • 28 lectures

A must-have for Scala and Akka developers: write reactive microservices and REST APIs with Akka HTTP and Scala Learn more »

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Applied Akka Patterns

by Michael Nash, Wade Waldron4.12

With this hands-on guide, Java and Scala developers will learn how to embrace concurrent and distributed applications with the open source Akka toolkit. You’ll learn how to put the actor model and its associated patterns to immediate and practical use.

Mastering Akka

by Christian Baxter4

The book begins with a quick introduction that simplifies concurrent programming with actors. We then proceed to master all aspects of domain-driven design. We’ll teach you how to scale out with Akka Remoting/Clustering. Finally, we introduce Conductr as a means to deploy to and manage microservices across a cluster.

Akka Concurrency

by Derek Wyatt3.97

This book picks up where the Akka documentation leaves off, exploring the how and the why of Akka, in a way that will empower you to grow your applications to new levels of scalability, responsiveness, and performance.

Akka in Action

by Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker , Rob Williams3.86

his comprehensive, hands-on tutorial introduces each concept with a working example. You'll start with the big picture of how Akka works, and then quickly build and deploy a fully functional REST service out of actors. You'll explore test-driven development and deploying and scaling fault-tolerant systems.

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Introduction to Akka Actors with Java 8


One of the really good abstractions Akka brings to the table is Actors, which allows you to write concurrent code but without much of the pain doing so compared to writing your code using threads and ...

Introduction to Akka Actors with Java


Johan Andrén from the Akka team at Lightbend shows a short live-coding introduction to using the new actor APIs in Akka 2.6 for Java applications. For more information, visit the Akka website: https:/ ...

Akka A to Z: The Industry's Choice For Fast Data & Microservices Architectures


Microservices. Streaming data. Event Sourcing and CQRS. Concurrency, routing, self-healing, persistence, clustering… You get the picture. The Akka toolkit makes all of this simple for Java and Scala d ...